About Steve Savels


Why do I do what I do?

It was 2008. I was working as an expat in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, living in a spacious apartment on the 7th floor, with a stunning view of the Congo River on one side, overlooking downtown Kinshasa on the other. In my job, I was respected by local civil servants as an international expert on Human Resources. I was earning more than ever before, had a driver and a full-time cleaner at my disposal. In the evenings and at weekends I dived into the bustling nightlife of Kinshasa with my expat friends.

Yet I was desperate. I had thought that this expat adventure would give new meaning to my life, but I never felt so stuck and lonely. In fact I had been running away. Away from a dysfunctional relationship, a career that no longer interested me.

Under the African sun, I started realising that I couldn’t run away from myself. Although I kept trying, by working hard and partying harder.

When the project that I was working for was axed, I suddenly found myself back in dark and rainy Brussels. It was at this low point in my life that I decided to get help. My coach confronted me - kindly, but clearly - with some things about myself that I'd always refused to see, and gradually a whole new set of possibilities started to unfold.

I subsequently left my secure job and became self-employed, doing what for me is truly meaningful: accompanying people on their journey of growth and self-development.


Steve Savels
Psychologist & Coach


About me

I have been coaching and supporting people for almost 20 years. First in an HR-role, and from 2010 as a self-employed psychologist, coach and mindfulness trainer. I have worked as an expat in Africa myself, and have been working with expats for years in my HR career, and in my coaching practice.

I myself am very curious and passionate about how the human mind works. My own personal development, both on an intellectual and broader human level is very important to me. I constantly keep myself up-to-date with developments in my field (psychology, mindfulness, coaching, …). I also find inspiration in more philosophical literature, history, art and culture.

I love the good life: travelling, good food, wine, classical music and jazz, … Thanks to a great personal trainer, I have changed from a couch potato into a physically very active person; I go running and work out at the gym very regularly. And I am now happily married – with the same partner I ran away from in 2008.


Facts & Figures


Born in Belgium


Work & Organisational Psychology, University of Ghent (Belgium), 1998


With the Belgian Commission of Psychologists under number 751109764


Coaching & Co (Belgium)


With IAM - Institute for Attention and Mindfulness (Belgium)


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, with ACT-Academie & Allegre (Belgium)


With amongst others Christopher Germer (Harvard Medical School), John Peacock and Chris Cullen (Oxford Mindfulness Centre), Christine Brähler (University of Glasgow), Kristin Neff (University of Texas), Christina Feldman (Oxford Gaia House)


Belgian professional association of people working with mindfulness

Co-Founder and Trainer at Brussels Mindfulness

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