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You didn’t get to the point where you are now overnight. Things may have been building up slowly for years, until you finally got to the point that you felt completely stuck. It will also take some time to change the behavior patterns that got you into this situation. Luckily, this doesn’t have to take years.

I usually recommend a period of 3 months for an initial coaching programme. This will give us the necessary time to explore how you got stuck, and to figure out which concrete steps to take. Not that this means that it will take months before you will see any results.

As a matter of fact, things often improve quite early on in a coaching programme. But just like anything in life, this is not a linear process. It's therefore good to know that we will go through all the ups and downs together until you are fully ready to continue on your own.

After the initial programme, you can decide whether you want to continue working with me, or whether you are ready to move forward on your own again.

What has most helped me is the fact that the programme is really structured. Steve stimulated me to write things down, and to really practise with the exercises, such as the mindfulness exercises, and that has really made a difference.
— L.

Creating a flexible toolbox

Everyone has “tools” or mental strategies to deal with challenges. The problem is that we are not always very flexible in using different tools for different situations. You develop mental habits that you keep using, even if the circumstances change. Using elements of mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy, you will develop a complete toolbox that will help you to deal with difficulties in a more flexible way.

The coaching programmes are a combination of coaching conversations and training in how to develop and use a broader set of psychological skills. My role as a coach is to ask you the right questions to help you understand how you got stuck. I will teach you the necessary skills so that you develop more helpful ways of looking at things and dealing with challenges. I will motivate you to overcome obstacles and to follow your action plan.

We will work together as partners. I will be walking beside you on every step of your journey.

The modules were really great and provided interesting input for the conversations with Steve. I took time to work through them between sessions and it paid off.
— C.

We will work together in a structured way


The coaching programmes I offer are a combination of:

Individual online sessions

We will meet regularly for 1-hour online individual coaching sessions. We will schedule them to suit both of us. The frequency can vary from weekly sessions, or 2- to 3-weekly, whatever you need to move forward.

Self-help modules

Every 2 weeks, you will receive a module with questions to reflect about, questionnaires, exercises to do, and action plans to draw up. This will help you move forward more efficiently, and it will provide extra input for the sessions.

Ongoing phone and email support

You can call, text or email me between the sessions whenever you want if you feel stuck, have a question, or just want to share an achievement. .

In the beginning of the programme I was scared… But I have overcome that fear and I have learnt to listen to what I really wanted. Now I have a clear vision of what I want to do. More than that: I have actually started doing it.
— L.

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